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I have 18 years in user-focused design – ten of those have been in games UIUX and Creative Design. My UX and creative focuses are player engagement, accessibility, Lean UX development processes, user research, and team management. I bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex design problems and work to harmonize the development team around the player so we can all create memorable and enjoyable games.



Lead UX Designer

Fortnite Battle Royale
Epic Games | May 2022 – Present

Grew a newly formed multi-disciplinary team from 6 to 26 people. Developed new team processes and pipelines included standups, meetings, JIRA structure, empowering ICs through Agile development philosophies, and encouraging ownership with Lean UX practices to help account for the rapid growth of the team and increased demand from partners while maintaining quality and healthy work-life balance. Lead a team transition from one team working on 4 seasons simultaneously to two leapfrogging teams responsible for one season at a time. Helped create a collaboration and prototyping process with partner teams, as well as documentation standards and best practices. Managed and mentored 4 UX designers ranging from intern to Senior. Contributed to seasonal content UX and Visual Design for seasons 21-25.

Senior User Experience Designer

Destiny 2
Bungie | May 2021 – April 2022

Releases: Witch Queen (2022), Lightfall (2023)

Worked with design leads to define player-centric goals and enable cross-functional teams to design, implement, and ship weapon crafting, mod manager, and loadout features. Created viable solutions that follow and complement Destiny’s UX strategy and design principles. Utilize appropriate UX design methodologies like conducting player interviews, visualizing player flows, prototyping, and playtesting to validate the solutions. Used tools like Figma, Miro, After Effects, and Adobe products to produce supporting artifacts. Championed accessibility and inclusion as part of the design process.


Lead Creative Designer

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
Hardsuit Labs | May 2020 – Present

Lead UI/UX Designer – Feb 2018 – May 2020
UI/UX Designer – May 2017 – Jan 2018

As Lead Creative Designer I provide clear vision and direction for individual contributors as well as manage the creation and implementation of design content. That includes, but is not limited to, encounter design, narrative design, user experience design, and level design. I ensure that the gameplay content reflects the vision of the game and fully exploits the given mechanics.

I work closely with the Lead Game Designer to ensure that Systems and Gameplay elements are properly presented by the design content, but also clearly communicate the requirements of content to Game Design. I work with production to make sure things are in scope and have clear direction and ownership.

I also volunteer my time to help promote the game in the marketing and live events.

Lead UI/UX Role:

While Lead UI/UX Designer, I was responsible for the design and development of the look and functionality of gameplay menus and HUD elements. I worked with other disciplines to maintain focus on the player experience and provide support for maintaining a player-centric vision.  I would help implement UI functionality, animations, and effects using UE4’s UMG system. I managed a team of 3 to deliver a high-quality experience, with a focus on accessibility and inclusive design. Occasionally, I would design content for marketing and social media.

UI/UX Designer

Boss Key Productions | NOV 2015 – April 2017

Create and implement in-game HUD for first-person arena shooter Lawbreakers. Created user flows, whitebox assets, and final art and animations for in-game HUD, messaging events, ability and weapon icons, spectator modes, game mode specific HUD elements, and achievements. I also helped increase accessibility and inclusion in the UI. Implemented the HUD and end-game animations for the game using Unreal Engine 4 UMG system. Created specialized 2D facial animations for in-game elements. Engaged in user research with members of the team.

Published Projects & Games

Art Director/UI Designer

Retro Yeti Games | May 2015

Over 150,000 Downloads on Steam
Intel University Student Showcase Finalist

Created concept art, textures, menus, and lighting for the game, as well as user experience and narrative for the gameplay. Also participated in publicity and speaking events for the game and program.

2D Artist & Animator

Abriendo Puertas
Tiered World Studios | Nov 2015

Spanish language education game. Created 2D assets and animations for soccer-themed mini game.

User Experience/Front-end Designer

Doodle Health
The GApp Lab | August 2014

Built the user-facing website in fully responsive HTML5 and CSS. Created the user experience including page flow, wireframes, styleguide, and user stories.

Game Designer/ 2D Artist

January 2014

Global Game Jam 2014 – Audience Choice Award for local jam site
Presented at the DiGRA 2014 Blank Arcade

Designed the gameplay with the team, hand painted all textures for the game, and designed the menus.

2D artist and Animator/ Gameplay Designer

Snowplace Like Home
December 2013

Created 2D assets and animation, menu, and background art.


Graphic Designer

Entertainment Arts & Engineering Program
The University of Utah

There are three major components to my job – Graphic Design, Web design and content management, and multimedia creation. Graphic design duties include print design for program collateral including (but not limited to) lecture posters, program promotional materials such as banners and apparel, and program documentation such as proposals and student handbooks. Web design and content management duties include support and training for EAE staff and faculty, management of EAE games and press appearances, keep the website updated with all admissions information, student projects, research projects, and press, and manage all EAE social media accounts. Multimedia duties include recording of audio and video for distribution online, video editing, 2D animation, 3D mockups, special event coordination, and stage management experience.

Graphic Designer

College of Humanities Dean’s Office
The University of Utah

There are three major components to my job – Graphic Design, Web design and content management, and multimedia creation. Graphic design duties include print design for College collateral including (but not limited to) lecture posters, annual reports, publications, program brochures, and direct mailing pieces. Web design and content management duties include support and training for College CMS (custom-built system), create and manage special WordPress websites for online publications, assist staff and faculty with online productivity queries. Multimedia duties include recording of audio and video for distribution online, video editing, 2D animation, special event setup, and stage management experience.

Vice President (Volunteer)

Red Riders Student Motorcycle Club
The University of Utah

Red Riders Student Motorcycle Club was a riding group at the University of Utah that helped raise scholarships for first-generation students at the U. We promoted motor vehicle safety on and off campus as well. Before the riding group dissolved in 2013, we hosted two major riding events as well as an outdoor football game viewing party called Game on the Green, and held monthly fun rides that were open to anyone who wished to join in. The organization helped raise enough money to fund three students for one school year.  As Vice President, I coordinated rides, handled all social media and advertising, and acted as treasurer for the organization. There were 5 people on the Executive Board of the organization, with 60+ student, faculty, and alumni members.

Director of Graphic Design

Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU)
The University of Utah

Graphic design duties included creating posters, online graphics, banners, apparel, and other promotional materials for ASUU events and programs. Managed a team of 3 other student designers, attended meetings with other members of the ASUU Executive Board.


Masterclass | Game UX Summit 2022
“Lean UX Practices for Games”

Speaker | Game Developers Conference 2019
“Being Pro at Being a Noob”

Speaker | Game UX Summit 2018
“More than Pictures: Creating Inclusive Iconography”
PDF of Slides
(Best viewed with Adobe Reader, my speaking notes are on a separate layer)

Speaker | PAXDev 2018
“More than Pictures: Creating Inclusive Iconography”

Co-designer | University of Utah Entertainment Arts & Engineering program
EAE 6900 – User Interface
Co-designed a course teaching user interface to Master’s students in the games program.


Master’s of Entertainment Arts & Engineering (MEAE)
Emphasis in Game Art
The University of Utah
May 2015

Bachelor’s of Art, Department of Communication (BA)
Emphasis in New Media
The University of Utah
May 2008